Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update on Baby Girl

Baby Girl is apparently thriving in her home, we had a sonogram on Monday where they were estimating her to be 7lb, 15 oz, and I'm supposedly only 35 more weeks! That's still a couple more pounds she could gain before my due date of March 22nd. At that sonogram, there was some type of fetal anomoly showing up in her pelvic region, so Billy and I went to the hospital on Tuesday and had a Level II sonogram and met with a perionatologist. It looks like she has some type of ovarian cyst, it's not vascular, and not connected to any organs. All major organs are working just fine. Her head is measuring big (thanks honey!), as is her belly, but they are still proportionate to each other. She is currently measuring more like she's 38 gestaional weeks, instead of 35. In addition, my amniotic fluid index is at 29, which is very high. This explains why (1) I am huge, and (2) I am so uncomfortable.

I have another doctor's appointment on Monday, Feb 23rd where we will come up with a plan regarding delivery options and if/when I will be induced.

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